8 Apps You Have to Download if You’re a Foodie

8 Apps You Have to Download if You’re a Foodie

Every foodie needs the resources to find the best places to eat and tastiest recipes to make at home. These are my favorite apps for getting great food all the time.

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Seated is a new app on the scene that we are absolutely obsessed with! We have discovered so many great new places and even hit up some of our favorite spots while making reservations through Seated. This app allows you to book reservations for select restaurants across Metro Atlanta AND earn up to 36% cash back on your table’s bill. So far we have earned around $70 in Target gift cards!


Yelp is an obvious must have for anyone who eats in restaurants. From reviews to photos of the menu, there is a wealth of knowledge and opinions. Whether you are headed out for a date night or just grabbing take out, Yelp is the go to for everything you want to know.


This is a new one that has quickly become one of my favorites. Atmosfy combines the best parts of Yelp and TikTok. It features local businesses with reviews that include vertical video content. As a creator on the app, I have so much fun posting about my favorite local spots and my experience each day. One thing I didn’t realize when I joined Atmosfy is how valuable the content would be when it came time for traveling. When planning our trip to Las Vegas in August, I used Atmosfy to find the restaurants and bars I wanted to visit. It was great to get a since of the items on the menu and the vibe of the space before we went.

Open Table or Resy

When the restaurant I want to go to isn’t on Seated, I head to see if they are on Open Table or Resy. As a C type on the DISC personality, I have to have plans and details for everything. That is why I love having reservations for restaurants every time we go out.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is on a mission to help limit food waste from restaurants and bakeries. While it is not available in our city…yet, it is still downloaded to my phone and I can’t wait til I get the opportunity to try it out. It works by allowing restaurants and bakeries to sign up and list mystery boxes of food for its patrons. They list these boxes for really low prices to help cover the costs of the business as well as provide the patrons a great deal. After watching countless videos on TikTok about people’s experiences and I am so excited to try it out when I get the chance.


Be a foodie on the go or at home with Pinterest. On Pinterest you can find the best recipes and travel blogs for restaurants to try out across the world. It is also a really fun platform to post the content we have been creating as well. It provides a new outlet for creativity and documenting our experience.


An absolute must have app. As you probably know Doordash allows you to order food from local businesses and chain restaurants and delivers it to your front door. With our Chase Sapphire Preferred, we get Dash Pass for free which has been a total game changer. Free or lower delivery fees really helps justify the cost of having food delivered at any point during the day.

Restaurant Reward Apps

Love free food? Who doesn’t! That is why if a restaurant has a rewards program of any kind you can guarantee I will be joining it. The best part about these programs is the free birthday gift you get! Like a free burrito from Moe’s or a free drink from Starbuck’s.

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