Get to Know Local Influencers: Best of Buford

Get to Know Local Influencers: Best of Buford

Micro Influencers are taking over our economy in a big way, but our favorites are the ones who use their power to support small business and local restaurants.

Headshot of Emma Lloyd with Best of Buford

In our Instagram journey, we have gotten to know and connect with so many incredible accounts within our community. We are excited to start this new series where we feature some of our favorite creators and the story behind their accounts. Be sure to give them a follow for really amazing content!!

In our first installation of this series, we sat down to chat with @BestOfBuford ! We have been following the account since its inception. We love the idea of highlighting the local community and promoting every kind of local business and events. The owner of the account, Emma, has done an incredible job curating the feed to be relevant to its followers as well as promote events and businesses in the area.

Buford Community Center in Buford, Georgia

How long have you lived in Gwinnett County?

For most of my life. I moved here as a young child, left in my 20’s, and returned two years ago when my husband and I bought our first home.

Why did you start @BestofBuford?

I started Best of Buford because I wanted to create an online platform to feature local businesses, events, and non-profits. I saw other “local feature” pages in other cities and thought Buford would be a great place for one, too. There are so many fun and exciting things to discover here. The heart of my account is to build up small businesses, bring people together, and paint a picture of what makes our town so special.

What is your fave place to grab a drink in Buford?

I personally don’t drink alcohol but I love the vibe at Aqua Terra. My husband is always impressed by their cocktail and wine list, and we love the atmosphere. My favorite drinks can be found at Tchin Tchin!

Best of Buford in Historic Downtown Buford, Georgia

What has been the hardest part about running this account that you didn’t expect?

I started this page as a passion project and based on positive feedback from the community, I now feel a responsibility to continue to create and share valuable content. I am a stay at home mom with a three year old and one year old so finding the balance and time to produce everything I want can be challenge, but worth it.

What is your favorite local owned restaurant in Buford?

This is SUCH a hard question, but I’m going to say, Rico’s. My favorite items are the Fried Green Tomato Salad and the Shrimp Po Boy! Amazing!

What is your go-to weekend activity?

My family and I love to get outdoors for a morning walk and visit a playground. I also love to go for a workout class and visit a local bakery. It’s all about balance right!? :)

Have you monetized this platform if so how?

Yes, I have been fortunate to form relationships with multiple businesses and work with them on sponsored posts.

So far what “Town Talk” has surprised you the most?

I’ve honestly found the whole series pleasantly surprising. All of the business owners I’ve met with are so humble and gracious to share their valuable experiences from starting their businesses.

Flat lay of Explore Georgia guide and Rayban sunglasses

What is your goal for the next year with Best of Buford?

My goals over the next year include a lot of fun posts, some exciting collaborations, amazing giveaways, and hopefully some Best of Buford sponsored events.

Where do you go when you are craving brunch?

Rushing Trading Company, Whole Being, or Maple Street Biscuit Company

This was so fun getting to know Best of Buford a little better! Who should we interview next? Let us know in the comments!

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