Our Incredible Wedding Reception Vendors

Our Incredible Wedding Reception Vendors

Our wedding reception was an enchanting celebration filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. We were fortunate to work with some incredible vendors who helped make our day truly special. From the charcuterie grazing table to the photo booth, each element was crafted with care and excellence. Here’s a look at the amazing vendors who contributed to our perfect reception:

Charcuterie Grazing Table by Lanier Graze Co

To kick off our reception, we wanted a stunning and delicious charcuterie grazing table that would impress our guests. Lanier Graze Co delivered beyond our expectations. Their beautifully arranged selection of meats, cheeses, fruits, and accompaniments was not only a feast for the eyes but also a culinary delight. Our guests raved about the variety and quality, making it the perfect start to our celebration.

Catering by Chef Joel, Cuban Cafe

Bringing the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean to our reception, we hired Chef Joel of Cuban Cafe from Oakwood, GA. Their catering brought an authentic Caribbean vibe that transported our guests straight to the islands. The dishes were flavorful, expertly prepared, and full of the rich, diverse tastes of Cuban cuisine. It was a hit among all our guests, many of whom went back for seconds!

Dessert by Popsicle Please Cart

For dessert, we wanted something unique and refreshing, and the Popsicle Please cart was the ideal choice. Featuring paleta-style popsicles made in Florida with the freshest ingredients, this dessert option was a crowd-pleaser. The variety of flavors offered something for everyone, and it was a delightful and cooling treat, especially perfect for our warm spring reception.

Drinks by Delola Bottled Cocktails

To quench our guests' thirst, we served Delola bottled cocktails, Jennifer Lopez's brand of beverages. These drinks quickly became a crowd favorite, offering delicious and sophisticated flavors. To add a personal touch, we thrifted rainbow glassware for our guests to use and take home as a favor. The colorful glasses were a hit and added a vibrant pop to our reception decor.

Photobooth by Fotica Photo Booths

To capture fun and guest moments, we rented a mirror booth from Fotica Photo Booths. They provided an array of props and a stylish background, and their attendant was on hand to assist guests throughout the night. The photobooth was a massive success, giving our guests a fun activity and creating lasting memories in the form of digital photo strips.

Venue: Primrose Social in Downtown Buford

Our reception was held at the incredible Primrose Social in Downtown Buford. This venue was everything we had hoped for and more, offering a beautiful and elegant setting for our celebration. The staff were professional and accommodating, ensuring that everything ran smoothly. The ambiance of Primrose Social added a touch of magic to our special day.

Photography and Video by Dream Day BTS

To capture every precious moment, we had Dream Day BTS come out to shoot content and create gorgeous behind-the-scenes videos. Mariah was professional, creative, and attentive, capturing the essence of our celebration perfectly. The final photos and videos were stunning, providing us with beautiful memories to cherish forever. The photos in this blog post were shot by her.

Wedding Planner: Nash Events and Design Co

Our wedding planner, Nash Events and Design Co, was instrumental in bringing our vision to life. They designed a stunning photo backdrop for our guest book, creating a beautiful and unique way for our guests to leave their well-wishes. The floral arrangements they provided were breathtaking, adding elegance and a touch of natural beauty to our venue. Nash Events and Design Co also played a crucial role in coordinating and setting up the event, ensuring everything ran smoothly and according to plan. Their attention to detail and dedication made our day truly flawless and stress-free.

Graphic Designer: Seismic Creative

We were fortunate to work with Seismic Creative for our wedding invitations and signage. Their talent and creativity shone through in every piece they designed. The invitations were elegant and beautifully crafted, setting the perfect tone for our celebration. The signage, from welcome signs to the gift table, was equally impressive, seamlessly tying together our theme and decor. Seismic Creative's attention to detail and ability to capture our vision added a special touch to our wedding, making each element both functional and visually stunning.

In Conclusion

Our wedding reception was a dream come true, thanks to the fantastic vendors who brought their expertise and passion to our celebration. Each one played a crucial role in making our day memorable, and we couldn't be more grateful for their outstanding services. If you're planning a wedding or any special event, we highly recommend these vendors for an experience filled with joy, flavor, and unforgettable moments.

Custom Charcuterie Boards by Crystal Phoenix Crafts


For a unique and memorable guest favor, we collaborated with Crystal Phoenix Crafts to create custom charcuterie boards. Each board was expertly laser engraved, adding a personal and elegant touch that our guests loved. These beautifully crafted boards were not only used during the reception for our charcuterie spread but also served as a special keepsake for our guests to take home. The quality and craftsmanship of Crystal Phoenix Crafts made these charcuterie boards a standout element of our reception, providing a lasting reminder of our special day.


To Contact these Vendors for your Next Event:

Lanier Graze Co: https://www.instagram.com/laniergrazeco/

Primrose Social: https://www.instagram.com/theprimrosesocial/

Nash Events and Design Co: https://www.instagram.com/nash_eventsanddesign/

Seismic Creative: https://www.seismiccreative.co/

Popsicle Please: https://www.popsicleplease.com/

Dream Day BTS: https://dreamdaybts.com/

Fotica Photo Booths: https://www.foticaphotobooths.com/

Cuban Cafe: https://www.chefjoelcococabana.com/

Crystal Phoenix Crafts: https://www.instagram.com/crystalphoenixcrafts/


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