Relaunch of NorthMetroEateries Merchandise: Fresh Styles, Same Local Flair, and Better Value

Hey, NorthMetroEateries fam! We've got some exciting news that we just couldn't wait to share with you. Our much-loved merchandise is back and better than ever. We've listened to your feedback, made some awesome improvements, and are thrilled to introduce our revamped collection. Here's the lowdown on what’s new:

Fresh Styles, Same Local Flair

We know how much you love the unique designs from our talented local artists, so we’ve kept that core element while updating our styles to keep things fresh and trendy. The new collection blends the creativity of local artists with the latest fashion trends, giving you the perfect mix of style and community spirit.

Improved Quality, Lower Prices

Quality matters, and so does your wallet. That's why we've focused on bringing you top-notch products without the hefty price tag. By refining our production process and sourcing high-quality materials, we've managed to lower prices while upping the quality. Now you can enjoy durable, stylish merch that’s also budget-friendly.

Highlights of the New Collection

Let’s dive into some of the standout pieces in our new lineup:

  • Gainesville Trucker Cap: This cap is perfect for those sunny Georgia days. It's stylish, comfortable, and features a design that pays homage to Gainesville.

  • Main Street T-Shirt: A classic tee that’s both soft and durable, featuring a cool graphic that celebrates the heart of our local community.

Community at the Core

By rocking NorthMetroEateries merchandise, you’re not just getting awesome products—you’re supporting small businesses and local artists like Grace Leahy, Shay Harbaugh, and Seismic Creative. Every purchase helps us continue to commission beautiful designs from these talented artists and support the creative community right here in North Georgia and Metro Atlanta.

Share Your Thoughts

We’d love to hear from you! What are your favorite items in the new collection? How do you feel about the new styles and improved quality? Your feedback is crucial in helping us continue to serve you better.


The relaunch of NorthMetroEateries' merchandise is more than just new products; it's a celebration of our community, creativity, and commitment to quality. We’re so excited for you to check out the new collection and can’t wait to see you rocking our latest styles.

Stay tuned for more updates and exclusive offers by following us on social media and signing up for our newsletter. Let’s keep the NorthMetroEateries spirit alive and thriving!

Thank you for your continued support and for being part of the NorthMetroEateries family. Together, we make this community something truly special. Happy shopping!

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