The Ultimate Guide to the North Georgia Wineries

The Ultimate Guide to the North Georgia Wineries

Plan ahead

Often when you visit the wineries of North Georgia, you want to hit a few of them because of their close proximity. So grab a group of friends for a fun day! Be sure you plan ahead where you want to grab lunch or dinner and make a reservation. With larger groups, there tends to be a wait at the winery restaurants. Save yourself the hassle by grabbing a reservation on OpenTable or the restaurant website.

Another thing to think about is how you plan to get around. While the wineries are close together you will still need a car, van, or bus, to get from place to place. Select a DD or hire a driver ahead of time so there is no confusion and everyone can enjoy their time. There are many amazing tour and bus companies that will take you from winery to winery. They will also plan out which wineries to take you to and the time limit. Check the rules of the tour company, some will pick you up and drop you off at home whereas others will have a certain pick up location in which you will still need someone to drive home after a day of fun.

What to Bring

Headed to the North Georgia wineries this weekend? Be sure to pack the essentials. Almost every vineyard in North GA has indoor and outdoor spaces, be sure to bring sunscreen to avoid that brutal Georgia sun. OR Protect yourself with a fun sun hat! Check the rules beforehand but many of the wineries allow you to bring snacks to enjoy while sipping on the local wines. If you are visiting in the month of March, bring your Georgia Wine Highway Passport (or money to buy one)! Finally, be sure to bring a bit of cash to tip the servers with, you want to ensure the best service possible and guarantee the money is going into the pockets of the workers.

Antique truck in front of Wine Tasting Garden at Dahlonega Resort and Vineyard

Wineries Trip Ideas (Based on Proximity)

Trip Idea #1

Start with lunch at Dahlonega Resort and Vineyards for an incredible meal and shareables for the table. Follow that up with Kaya Vineyard for great views, classic wines, and shopping in their boutique which features lovely gifts, small businesses, and wine to take home. Next head over to Three Sister Winery to try their coveted Blood Mountain Red that they recommend pairing with salty, cheesy snacks like Cheetos. Yup, you heard that right! The sommeliers and wine makers recommend pairing this sweet, chilled red with Cheetos. Finally, end your trip with a visit to Frogtown Cellars. The expansive vineyards makes for stunning views especially when there is that classic beautiful Georgia summer weather. While you are there, be sure to try their restaurant for dinner and the muscadine wine. Of the ones mentioned on this trip, Frogtown Cellars has the widest selection of wines and the most affordable bottles. On top of that, they have the best tasting available. Every time we go to Frogtown, we are amazed by the selection and we always try something new that we swear “wasn’t there last time” even though it probably was.

Trip Idea #2

If you’re looking for a more intimate day with gorgeous views head to the north side of Dahlonega! Start your day with lunch reservations at Montaluce Winery and a bottle to share with the table. I highly recommend their Cabernet Sauvignon. Follow that up with a tasting at Accent Cellars. Be sure to talk to the owners while you are there. Their personality and knowledge of wine is UNMATCHED! Our favorite is the Rose and the Under Dog. Finish your day with a visit to Downtown Dahlonega for a tasting at Dahlonega Tasting Room. Finish your day with dinner in Downtown Dahlonega or dessert at The Fudge Factory..

Trip Idea #3

This final trip is one we’ve been planning on doing but haven’t gotten around to it yet, so I will post an update when it is available. However, these stunning vineyards are just a short drive from each other! Check out Cartecay Vineyards, Ott Farms & Vineyards, and Buckley Vineyards.

Now what about food?

Many of the wineries often delicious snack options or have a full restaurant! Be sure to make reservations or check the menus before you head out. Whether you want some snacks from Cavender Creek like popcorn and buffalo chicken dip or you want a full sit down meal from Dahlonega Resort and Winery, be sure there is something for everyone in your group. Or if you want to be in control, pack your own snacks! Just be sure to check the rules of the wineries to make sure they allow outside food.

Our Fave Wineries

Cavender Creek is our all around favorite! With a wide variety of wines, there is truly something for every person. Our top two favorites are the Gold Rush Sangria for a chilled sweet option and the Syrah when we are looking for something a little more robust and dry. While you are there be sure to try one of their delicious snacks! The Buffalo Chicken Dip and Popcorn are the perfect bite to share with the table and hold you over until your next meal.

Accent Cellars is a close second for us. The intimate setting and close proximity to Downtown make Accent Cellars a great hang! The crowd favorite is the Under Dog, even for those who claim they don’t like red wine. Be sure to do a tasting while you are there because every wine on their list is delicious.

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