Why Work with NME

The NorthMetroEateries brand has created a hyper-local audience who is primarily middle to upper class and are interested in travel, entertainment, and of course the best food and drinks. While they are based in North Georgia and Metro Atlanta, they have the discretional income in order to travel all over. 


Wondering if partnering with NME is right for you and your business? Here is some examples of our return on investment.


Business: Nofo Brew Co 

Campaign: Gainesville Location Grand Opening

Rate: $200

Business Generated: $4,000+


Business: Flying Biscuit Cafe

Campaigns: Pancake of the Month

Rate: $300/month

Business Generated: Approximately $2,000 per month


Business: Politan Row Ashford Lane

Campaign: Now Open

Rate: $200 + $100 Gift Card

Business Generated: $52,000+


Business: Jang Su Jang

Campaign: Alpharetta Now Open

Rate: Organic

Business Generated: $50,000+


Business: Caroline's On Main

Campaign: Now Open

Rate: Organic

Business Generated: $65,000+